Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Snack Ideas and A Raw Energy Doughnut :)

It's summer!  Around here that usually means lots of days spent by the pool, day trips to do fun activities, and also our annual 12 hour car ride to spend a week at the beach.  With all this summer fun, we need good snacks that travel well.  It's certainly easier to pick up prepackaged junk food from one of those megamart stores, and probably cheaper too.  However, I believe in putting only the best in my kid's bodies,  I don't want my kids to ingest artificial colors or chemical preservatives, which have been linked to all kinds of scary things such as ADHD and even cancer! 

Here are the snacks we eat the most.  I purchase all organic and local if possible:
  • fruit: (whatever is in season is what we stock up on)
  • dried fruit
  • smoothies
  • smoothie ice pops 
  • nuts and seeds
  • raw veggies 
  • organic tortilla chips and salsa
  • homemade hummus and bean dips
  • gluten free pretzels and crackers (organic)
  • raw granola bars and energy doughnuts
  • chocolate charlies
We've long said good bye to the popular "munchkin" doughnut holes and have replaced them with things like these:
These come from my raw snack bar recipe. Instead of making them into squares, I simply roll them into balls, making them bite size and easy to pack and travel with! Here is a link to the recipe and directions for how to make them.......they are a really tasty kid friendly snack, and they work well for summer vacation!  So, instead of jelly doughnut holes and a coffee, have one of these and a green smoothie :)   Happy Summer!


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