Monday, February 27, 2012

Animal Free -Gluten Free Lunch Ideas

I have been asked this question a few times recently so I thought I would try and put a post together giving some ideas for a vegan/whole food/plant based kid lunch.  Our lunches are also gluten free, but if you aren't ditching gluten then you can just use whatever grain you would normally use!

* (I am not getting paid in anyway to speak of the wonderfulness of the Planet Box, I just really love it!) *

First of all, I really need to tell you about the amazing lunchboxes that I bought the kids.  It is from and the product is amazing.  It is this stainless steel lunch kit that comes with a lunch bag to carry it in.  There are compartments for all kinds of foods.  The kit also comes with to containers, one big one small, to hold food that might otherwise spill.  On the bag there is a spot to hold a water bottle and a pocket to hold extra "stuff", (that is where I put a fresh apple for the kids).  The inside also has a spot for a cold pack.  Really, with my one daughter never able to purchase hot lunch at school, (she has Celiac), having this lunch box allowed me to send her with an amazing meal for lunch!  Oh, I forgot to mention that using this product means ZERO waste!  No baggies, no foil, no wrapping at all!  I even stick in a cloth napkin so there is no napkin waste!!

So, now that I've told you what kind of lunch box I love, let me tell you some of the things that I pack the kids for their lunch. 
 (all items are organic and gluten free unless noted otherwise)
  • peanut butter and jelly sandwich 
  • un-tuna salad sandwich 
  • black beans and rice with baked tortilla chips and container of homemade salsa to dip
  • left over stir-fry with noodles and veggies
  • mac and (no) cheese  with broccoli 
  • shepherds pie 
  • leftover pasta with veggie and tomato ragu
  • gluten free waffle with nut butter and bananas
  • baked pumpkin black bean taquitos on corn tortilla
  • spinach, romaine and bean salad (kidney, black bean, garbanzo bean, etc)  w/cucumbers and a side container of salad dressing to dip
  • apple slices or whole apple
  • baby carrots
  • pickles
  • strawberry salad (strawberries w/blueberries and walnuts)
  • roasted leftover potatoes (white and sweet potatoes w/onions)
  • raisins w/sunflower seeds 
  • air popped pop corn
  • baked tortilla chips
  • Water is their drink of choice.  I send it in a stainless steel water bottle.
*The list could go on and on!  I try to squeeze in a main dish, (sandwich, leftovers, etc..) and then throw in as many fruits and veggies as possible. Two of my kids will eat raw nuts and seeds, so I also include those too. *

What are some of your favorite kid lunch ideas?

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