Saturday, January 7, 2012

Time to Make a Change? (and a giveaway :)

Here we are once again, only a few hours away from a new year.  Everyone you talk to speaks of changes they want to make in their lives.  How many of those do you actually make?  How many of those changes do you actually keep? 

As those of you know who visit my blog or my facebook page, my life has seen some substantial dietary and lifestyle changes over the past year.  My plan is to continue with my healthy lifestyle and also challenge myself a bit more.  In 2012 my goal is to eliminate sugar completely from my diet and to increase my green vegetables.   I'm sure this will be incredibly challenging since I am a sugar addict, but I hope and pray that this time next year I will be able to report success!

So, my question to you:  What changes do you plan on making this year to your diet or lifestyle? Do you have a health challenge you would like to overcome through diet?  Leave me a comment below and let me know your plan and your comment will enter you into my first and last giveaway for 2011 :)

What better a book and resource to have than The China Study to make your choice to follow a plant based diet towards health and wellness. 

 Here is my giveaway:   
The China Study
by T. Colin Campbell, PhD and Thomas M. Campbell II 
"The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-term Health"

The winner will be chosen at random and posted here on my blog on  January 14th!   
Rules:  Only one comment per person will be counted in the giveaway....

My wish for you is a New Year of love, light and excellent health.  
Happy New Year!! 


Anonymous said...

I am going to continue with the positive changes I've made as well. I'm going to add in more water and less processed foods! So glad to be on this journey with you!

Anonymous said...

I DID leave a comment, but, do no not have an official URL name/ etc.. Vegetarian Baby, Organic, Local, fresh Fruits/ veges, as far away from Processed as can be..and Good thoughts, Food, ACTION and Thoughts for u and all buddy's bodies this New Year. You are and continue to be an inspiration, Blessings Love!!!

Michele R

Alison said...

I have made a slight change for 9 up beef, chicken etc...This year I will attempt to be a cleaner eater. and give up milk, cheese...the change has begun..and hopefuuly become a Vegan....fingers crossed

Anonymous said...

Way to go Allison! I know you can do it! I hope you win this book, it will certainly help you along your journey!! Thanks for the comment !


Richa said...

I just happened upon here today.. because i would love the book :) We transitioned into a vegan diet in 2011.. slow and permanent transition and thats how it will continue this year.. with more involvement with some other issues i am passionate about! Have a wonderful 2012 filled with love, happiness and good health.

Michelle said...

Please sign me up for the lotto!! Been dying to read this book :D

SKucskar said...

Going Vegan and losing this last 20 pounds!!!

Astrid said...

I have all the books Forks over Knives, Eat to Live, EXCEPT for this one and this is a VERY important one to read!!!

Easy 2B Green said...

I am vegan but looking to help others in my family to become healthier! Thank you for all you do!

mom2irishtwins said...

As you know, I have changed a lot this past year, but still have a lot to do! I finally broke through my own fear of smoothies and found that I love them! I will be looking for new ways to incorporate these into my everyday. And, now that I am feeling better overall, I will start running again. I am also always looking for information and would love to read this book :-)

Josie Duvall said...

So glad I found you (thanks to Ferris!)